Guess what :D

We are having a baby, woot!

To get list:

small gDiaper inserts
new dresser for new baby
arms reach co-sleeper
small sized woombie


I honestly can not think of much else that we don't already have! And I am almost certain this will be a girl, so everything of Tempy's can be reused...


36 weeks to go :D



I wish I had time to actually write ^^ This will have to do, since she takes up most of my time anyway! CUTE baby, though!

oh, and:



My lovely daughter :)

Happy belated birthday sweetheart :) The photo is of her on her birthday, and the video is her at from 5 months old, being adorable :D I can not believe she was ever that bald-headed and chubtastic :)

ps. I am addicted to TrueBlood ^^



we really do love them

I stepped off the plane.
The fragrance and warmth in the air clung to me, we were finally home!

After the short drive home, my husband and I walked into a disaster zone.

We had been gone three short weeks. Three blissful weeks away from Hawaii. With family and friends, and basking in the glow of our beautiful daughter. We have two dogs. They are both relatively easy animals to care for, and live with.

To say we that we were unwise with our caretaker choice is an understatement. Aside from beer bottles strewn around our house, our animals had been locked in the hot garage with rat poison, squandering in their own urine and feces. Lovely!

Our good friend Peter cleaned up the mess, and cared for our animals until he had to leave the island. At this time caregiving reverted to yet another friend, fortunately this kid was more responsible then the first. Despite that, he totally failed.

My toilet seat.lid is broken, there was urine everywhere, it smelled like an unsanitary/unkept dog kennel, our coffee pot had not been washed out and had an ants nest inside it, cockroaches, poop and pee all over our deck, dirty dishes, dirt all over everything. hair. yuck.

We spent 13 hours at the terminal, total. 5 hour flight. 30 minute ride home. 3 hours of cleaning.

3 hours of cleaning- with little to show for it. When we woke up it was straight back to work. 6 am to 7 pm, and we are FINALLY finished!

Needless to say, my feet hurt. Badly. I am tired, but unable to sleep. I read the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series- against my better judgement... and am mildly embarassed to admit that I am addicted. I do not own the second book so we are on our way out tomorrow to find it.

Cesar Milan's book, "The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers" and "Positive Discipline, years 1-3" all need to be read, anyway.

So, I am off. I will do another blog about my awesome trip. For now I just want to get offline, and sit with Chris.

Someone should buy me a wrap. Why? Because I want one. A Nino. Badly. And for the next few months, there will be no wraps :/ We are going to focus on re-doing a few of our rooms...


On the plus side, we have new wine glasses, an AWESOME new coffee pot (ironically it is the same awesome one that his parents have.. which we loved), we have lots of fresh produce, and we fixed up a room especially for our stupid dogs. YAY!


I got my BG and Grobaby!

And now I am attempting to not purchase more! My friend Kelsey has a few BG's that she hates... but I really like them :) Goodmama's are adorable... but I have tons! And these bumgenius diapers are sooo easy to put on, take off, etc... and I don't care if they are dragged through mud or pooped on! Plus, there are no snaps to hurt her little tummy with. She's a pretty sensitive baby.

I was at my neighbors house yesterday while my hubby helped her to move a few things (her husband is deployed) and she asked me lots of questions about CDing. In the end she's a formula feeding, not attached at all, very into disposie's mama. But at least she asked! The dark face that washed over her expression after I mentioned tossing her dipes in the washer was comicalh.

Anyway I am getting the mid-paycheck blues. Where I want to buy everything! From diaper pins all the way to new AE jeans (they are on sale, damnit!).

Ohhh I kicked the ice cream habit for good, YAY! maybe i can convince hubs into another diaper from the saved money ;) just kidding! I make it sound like he restricts me, but he doesn't at all :) But I DO have to look him in the face when he gets home, and if I spent too much on diapers... it makes it harder :)

Ok, must do chores.... must not buy diapers....


random mommy thoughts!

Quick thoughts before I work out:

I told hubby about the diaper buying and he just laughed at me *blushes*

I haven't received my bsrbs or my Der Auto GM yet, and it's killing me!!!

I traded my woven gaias gift for an EUC shiitake gm, so I am pretty psyched about that... what else?!

I had to mail a gm soaker, i mixed up them soakers in my last batch of sent dipes >< opps! till the matching soaker is received my Celebrity TT is sitting on the sidelines.

Tempy hasn't pooped in 48 hours. 24 is normal, 48 is mildly constipated. She doesn't seem to care!

I have to reserve cottages for my friends Thanksgiving vacation, darnit!

I NEED to sit down and do bills for this paycheck

Chris SHOULD promote in the next couple of months- he is 3rd on the darn list and 6-7 people are promoting!

My dog is a lazy bones

Dexter was great last night- the baby they picked for Harrison is adorable :D

House is on tonight! wee!

I want to start unswaddling Tempy at night *sighs* am scared!!!

my daughters citrus fizz is to die for:


I'm an (addicted) goodmama

Alrighty, in an effort to curb diaper spending- I am resurrecting my old blog. I was going to type "from the dead" but that is redundant.

Obviously it has been months since I last wrote- but I have a feeling that this blog will be used as retail-avoidance-therapy ;) Damn you PayPal for making it sooo easy to spend our money!

I could relate the past however many months- but I won't. It all comes out the same: I had my baby! There were tears, lots of blood- many months of no sleeping... but I have her, and she is now a healthy 5 month old darling :)

A quick rundown of my parenting style: breastfeeding, baby-wearing, cloth diapering (junkie), and mostly-attached parent. There are lots of in-betweens, we do what works for our family. I try to do what is best for my baby at all times, and sometimes I succeed :D



My husband is in the mix here too, and sometimes you might even hear about him :D I love him dearly, and he is the best father for my daughter I could have asked for. This post is mainly to keep me from buying more diapers- and to hopefully expend my baby-talk energy. That way I can talk about the latest episode of Dexter to hubby, instead of my babies poop. Sounds good to me :)

That being said, I made a short video for Angela on how I put my babies goodmama on. I have *no* idea if I am doing it correctly, but it's how I get a great, cute fit! It took me a while to figure it out- but with the guidance of my fellow goodmama junkie Kelsey, I eventually got it down :) BSRB'S on the other hand? Meh! I think I do it right, but only Joyce would know.

Oh, and before I leave you with a parting video... let me express my deepest regret that I caved and purchased a diaper this morning. Goodmama TT Palpitations- the white one with orange/red/pink hearts all over it. It was only 15$ EUC.. so whatever ;) I <3 it (ironically!). We have tons of crap to do in the next few months- birthdays, balls, baby and puppy related. All of which are freakishly expensive no matter how many diapers I might want to take home :D

ONE MORE THING: the painters have arrived. My husband is in the military- we live on post... and people are constantly moving in/out. Whenever that happens they slap an unhealthy fresh coat of paint on the walls and call it clean (despite the cockroaches). WEEEELLLLLL, they are upstairs making noise, and it's driving me up a wall. First the movers on Thursday, and now the painters today. Probably the maintenance crew tomorrow, and the cleaners after that. In the end I just get another set of crappy neighbors to put up with, and scream at to shut the hell up through the wall. FANTASTIC.

Here ya go: